Friday, October 9, 2009

Is Yahoo Betraying The United States Of America?

Just To Lift The Ban On Them In Iran?

It has been reported by The's Richard Koman, in its section called ZDNet Government, that Yahoo has allegedly sold over 200,000 names and email addresses to the Iranian Government. And they further report that:
Yahoo collaborated with the Iranian regime during the election protests, providing to the authorities the names and emails of some 200,000 Iranian Yahoo users, according to a post on the Iranian Students Solidarity (Farsi) blog. My sources indicate the information comes from a group of resisters who have infiltrated the administration and are leaking out important information.
This is coming from a translated portion of a post on Iranian Students Solidarity. And they are also saying that:
Yahoo representatives met with Iranian Internet authorities after Google and Yahoo were shut down during the protests and agreed to provide the names of Yahoo subscribers who also have blogs in exchange for the government lifting the blocks on Yahoo.
(for a look at the original article and translated document, please visit the page @ Government's page)

Now you have got to be kidding me!!

For a stack of cash, Yahoo has given up a piece of the Iranian Freedom that they fought so very hard for. I think yahoo should be banned at all costs. There is no excuse for behavior such as this. It is reprehensible!

How long do you think it will be until Yahoo does it to us? The Citizens of the USA?

So I Propose The Following

Every person in the United States of America who values their FREEDOM and PRIVACY MUST BOYCOTT ALL OF YAHOO!!

This means everything! How are we, as citizens of the United States of America supposed to live our day to day lives knowing that a company is willing to sell out their subscribers just for a piece of the action? I mean you sure as Hell Don't see Google doing this!! They were banned too!!

BOYCOTT YAHOO!!! Show Yahoo that what they have done is unforgivable!!

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